• Board of Outfitter Appointments yet to be announced

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    Board of Outfitter Appointments yet to be announced

    As of this writing Governor Steve Bullock has yet to announce his appointments to the Montana Board of Outfitters. With the nomination of former Board Member Cunningham rejected by the Senate, the Governor has two seats to fill this next cycle; including the Fishing Outfitter seat and the Big Game Hunting Outfitter seat currently held by Tabor.

    Pat Tabor is up for reappointment. We are hopeful that the Governor will see the exceptional work Pat has done to bring thoughtful discussion and reasoned action to the Board process. Pat has taken the Governors’ demand for accurate and complete land use reporting very seriously and has provided the leadership in rule making necessary accomplish that direction. Given today’s political environment it is possible Pat would not be reappointed. However, if you would like to send a note to the Governor supporting Pat Tabors reappointment to the Montana Board of Outfitters you are encourage to do so.

    SEND A MESSAGE TODAY to Governor Bullock supporting PAT TABOR for the Montana Board of Outfitters by contacting Stacey Otterstrom, the Governor’s Boards and Appointments Advisor or you may call her at (406) 444-4405.
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